Food Industry

The modern food retail market in Romania has long exceeded the value threshold of 10 billion euros. Romania ranks third in Europe and boasts as the country with one of the largest increases in total turnover in the EU.

Analysts believe that production in the food and beverage industry will continue to grow in the coming years, but regulations and the dynamics of consumer behaviour will significantly influence Romanian companies. Through risk management and risk-coverage services, Obsidian supports companies in this industry to meet the challenges.
Challenges in the field relate to the high level of regulation (such as labelling and environmental protection), employee safety, changes in consumer behaviour, product quality / product withdrawal / contamination, distribution channels and reputational risk.

The most common types of insurance in this industry are:

Insurance for losses from business interruption

Insurance of stocks of raw materials, materials and stocks of products

Company assets insurance

Group health insurance for employees

Manufacturer's liability insurance

Liability insurance against pollution

Car insurance

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