Insurance of stocks of raw materials, materials and stocks of products

A company's stocks are perhaps the most vulnerable to storms or fires explosions, in a long line of possible accidents that can ruin an investment. Stocks are the most targeted during thefts and robberies. Delays in delivery or damage to raw material endangers the revenues, and the processing of the raw material adds value in each of the stages of the process production, greatly complicating the evaluation process to ensure.

The stock variations are a very complex issue, and its correct management is essential for the smooth running of the production process. Understanding their importance, Obsidian Broker offers viable and flexible insurance products for raw material stocks, materials and stocks of products, vital reserves for the continuity of a company's activity, in order to make full use of its production capacity.

Under the cover of this type of policy includes the stock of raw materials and materials, but also finished products, parts, subassemblies and semi-finished products, oils, fuels or consumables.

A great way to guarantee the safety of an investment in the face of special dangers, this type of policy is in high demand for public procurement or works financed from European funds, but it is also an optimal solution for builders, real estate developers or other types of entrepreneurs.

This type of policy also covers the amounts that the contractor would have a legal obligation to pay for cases of illness or injury in the course of accidents or for material damage caused to third parties on the premises or in the immediate vicinity of his property.
Given the complexity of value fluctuations in the case of stocks and inventory, the experts from Obsidian Broker provides advice and expertise for the evaluation of stocks of raw materials, materials and products so that the appropriate insurance solution can be configured correctly.

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