Life Stock insurance

The revolution in agricultural practices has also encouraged zootechnics to test complex solutions and high-performance biosecurity technologies, from permanent animal health monitoring to installations that allow the control of the environments in which they live. Reproduction and breeding programs, genetics improve yield in animal husbandry. Livestock, however, remain extremely vulnerable to the front accidents, diseases and climatic conditions.

Intensive and specialised, today’s animal husbandry is targeting ever-increasing commercial production, while entrepreneurs remain concerned about protecting the capital invested and the farm's income, both of which are endangered mainly by the risk of epidemic outbreaks, natural disasters or accidents.

Animal husbandry specialists often face the catastrophic effects of bad weather, from hail, extremely low temperatures or torrential rains - which can lead to floods, floods or landslides. Comparable disasters are also caused by accidents or epizootic.
The multitude and diversity of environmental factors with an impact on the specifics of the zootechnical activity are limiting both the anticipation of risks and assessment of potential damages. Individuals who own animals in households and legal entities that manage livestock farms can secure their investments from fire, explosion and lightning, to electric shock, earthquake, blizzard, avalanche snow or accidents.
Issued according to species groups and quality classes, the insurances from the Obsidian Broker portfolio covers all types of general risks, diseases, weather or accidents, and covers all types of livestock, including birds, bee families and fish farms. To meet needs of farmers, the state subsidises percentages of the insurance premium.

  • The state subsidises the insurance premium for legal entities holding agricultural crops, perennial plantations, domestic animals or birds.
  • Flexibility in selecting the insured risks.
  • Possibility to pay the insurance premium in instalments.
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