Our Manifesto
You know, obsidian is that sharp, volcanic, melted rock that looks like dark glass.

Hard and with very sharp edges, rock-solid and piercing through anything, it helped sapiens hunt and thrive and now it helps surgeons cut with precision. A life-supporting deep-forged liaison with mother earth, to put it in perspective. And from another perspective, obsidian seems to have been known as the semiprecious stone that is used to gain clear insight into problems. Not a coincidence, for sure.

This is the story that inspired a whole business approach in our consultancy.

Obsidian expertise is hard, but skills are soft. We cut with precision through the clutter of business details and market noise, and deliver tailored innovative insurance solutions.
Prevention in business equals strategic thinking, vision, and education.
It's not a matter of pricing, convenience, or the best deal.
When a whole ecosystem of material and human assets depends on the capacity to predict, prevent and cover, the game gets serious.
And it should be played within a strategic setup, not as a hasty consequence triggered by an unfortunate event.
It becomes a matter of holistic vision, social responsibility, and moral duty.
And yes, we must admit we love visionary, responsible and ethical business players.