Professional liability insurance

In the case of professions with high standards of execution, the professional risks are transferred entirely to an insurance company, so that the competence and work of these specialists will never be questioned. To protect the reputation and integrity of the professions, this type of insurance is, as a rule, mandatory, required by law and required for the issuance of licenses or practice.

In addition to safety, professional liability insurance represents, for the current business environment, a guarantee for the services provided by an expert or a professional category. Errors or omissions leading to professional mistakes can intervene, however, even in the career of the most demanding professional.

Architects and design engineers

As an architect or designer, you want to combine art with science, so that your vision to become a tangible reality. On the ground, however, a number of measures are needed, including the risk management of the legal exposure that each of the projects brings.

Professional liability insurance for lawyers

Obsidian Broker has relevant experience and expertise to manage the charges of legal malpractice, taking over the risks associated with the profession and resolving claims resulted from the activity of our customers.

Professional liability insurance for insurance brokers

We ensure professionalism in brokerage, taking over the risks of damages caused as a result of errors or involuntary omissions in the activity of insurance and reinsurance intermediation ...

Professional liability insurance for legal advisers

The insurance policies intended for legal advisors take over the risks of damages produced as a result of errors or omissions committed involuntarily in carrying out the activity professional.

Professional liability insurance for bailiffs

The professional risks involved in practicing the profession of bailiff are considerable, given the difficult task of inventorying properties, understanding and solving disputes concerning claims or other commercial or civil disputes.

Professional liability insurance for accounting experts and independent auditors

Concluded individually or with companies and professional unions, these liability insurance covers the risks involved in the practice of specific activities of accounting experts, auditors financial advisers, tax consultants or auditors.

Professional liability insurance for technical and real estate experts and appraisers

With an impressive set of skills and abilities acquired throughout an involving career major responsibilities, real estate appraisers can magically understand the exact value of a properties.

Professional liability insurance for pharmacists

Errors and accidents also occur in the case of one of the most standardised professional activities, regardless of the mandatory protocols and processes that govern it. You have invested a lot to become a pharmacist! It's time to protect your investment by purchasing insurance coverage for professional liability.