A new player in the insurance brokerage market – Obsidian Broker
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Obsidian Broker is the newest player in the Romanian insurance and reinsurance brokerage market. The Obsidian Broker team is led by Valentin Tuca, a professional with long executive experience, both in the Romanian insurance market and in the international one, founder and leader of several insurance brokerage firms and former general manager of an insurance company.


Owned by the Swiss company Obsidian AG, Obsidian Broker received the authorisation to operate as an insurance intermediary at the last meeting of the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) council, last year.


The Obsidian brokerage company intends to offer professional risk management and insurance consultancy services on the corporate segment, mainly targeting small and medium-sized enterprises that want personalised risk management solutions and optimising insurance programs.


Obsidian Broker aims for agile and accelerated development in the Romanian market, by strengthening the team and / or acquiring portfolios from players already active in the local market.


Currently, Obsidian Broker recruits corporate insurance specialists for various positions, from junior brokers, to senior citizens with specialisations in certain categories of risks and insurances or as leaders in business and sales development.