Agricultural crop insurance

Agriculture, the most important business in the world and the backbone of the economy a country, is transformed by the digital age, experimenting with new technologies, from drones to sensor-guided equipment. However, there is no other activity that depends more on hazard than the vagaries of the weather, operational challenges and fluctuations in supply and demand. With a special status and a long history in the world, agricultural insurance is now, more than ever, an essential tools for the development of this strategic area.

Cultivating the land involves far too much investment to ignore the threats. Seed costs are high. Land costs are high. The equipment costs are very high. And commodity prices are generally low. Throughout the value chain, investors in agriculture are building strategies that respond effectively to the multiple variables they face being particularly interested in improving the management of the associated risks of climate change. Adaptation strategies are diverse, from building appropriate ecosystems weather conditions, risk management or opportunities for their transfer.

Extreme weather events, from drought and heat, to hail, storms, tornadoes or landslides can completely or partially compromise crops, causing significant damage and loss substantial financial. Farmers want protection in various other unforeseen situations, from fires or floods, to infestations of crops with harmful organisms or damage caused by temperatures below the limit biological resistance of crops and plantations.

Insurance policies intended for private individuals or legal persons exploiting agricultural land guarantees financial protection and proper management of all types of risks that may affect production. We configure the optimal insurance package, according to each situation, in order to protect all types of agricultural crops, from arable land, fodder crops and orchards, to vineyards vines, crops of technical plants, vegetables, medicinal or aromatic plants.
The insurance premiums for this policy are personalised, perfectly adapted to the dynamics of a business, and varies depending on various factors, from crop sensitivity to production costs. To meet the needs of farmers, the state subsidises percentages of the insurance premium.

  • The state subsidises the insurance premium for legal entities holding agricultural crops, perennial plantations, domestic animals or birds.
  • Flexibility in selecting the insured risks.
  • Possibility to pay in instalments the insurance premium.
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