Car insurance for third party liability/ car green card

Most companies offer all the necessary training to drivers who drive company vehicles, so as to reduce the risks of accidents or other incidents associated with irresponsible driving. Despite the driving experience and qualifications of the operators, risk situations nevertheless remain probable, so that both managers, as well as the authorities, want additional assurances, in particular regarding possible damages, materials or personal injury to third parties. This type of insurance is mandatory in all European Union countries and covers the insured in the event of legal liability for damages caused to a third party parts of a vehicle.

This third party liability insurance covers the risks of a company if one of its vehicles causes damage for which it is responsible. In some cases, the company involved must bear the financial consequences associated with the damage and, at the same time, to invest in order to properly manage the whole situation and the reputational damage.

GREEN CARD. For companies whose activity also involves travel within the European Union a the “Green Card” system was created - a protection mechanism for victims of traffic accidents occurred in cross-border road transport, to which 48 Member States have acceded. Stimulated by the Economic Commission for United Nations Europe ( UNECE ), the system was founded in 1949 to facilitate international traffic.

The system was created to facilitate traffic, eliminating the need for drivers to buy policies at each of the borders of the 48 member states of the European Union. Having a Green Card insurance, a driver is also released from the obligation to conclude a national insurance contract.

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