Insurance for Company’s assets

Entrepreneurs protect their investments by transferring the risks to an insurance company. These assets such as financial resources and equipment are highly important for business continuity and profit.

Insurance for buildings including the equipment and unregistered vehicles

The insurance policies in the Obsidian Broker portfolio provide insurance for all the assets and real estate on which the company is basing their business operations

Insurance for losses from business interruption

In addition to the damaged goods and properties, the destruction of assets or machinery of a company results in long - term losses, resulting from disruption of production cycles or sometimes total disruption of activity.

Insurance for additional expenses caused by business interruption

In the event of a disaster, an entrepreneur may incur additional expenses for the recovery of the company, from those that would allow it to continue its activity, to the investments needed for shortening the crisis period.

Insurance 'All Risks'

The effort to anticipate risks in areas with multiple vulnerabilities can be offset by all of the special policies that cover all risks, both their own and the damages produced to third parties, becoming a unique way to guarantee the total security of an investment.

Insurance for stocks of raw materials and products

Understanding their particular importance, Obsidian Broker provides insurance solutions for stocks of raw materials and stocks of products, vital reserves for the continuity of a company's activity and the full use of its production capacity.

Insurance of electronic equipment

As the obsolete equipment is replaced with efficient and automated production lines, the electronic equipment is becoming a vital resource for a company, and their failure causes serious disruptions in the the workflow and, in some cases, leads to a complete disruption of the activity.

Insurance for accidental damage to cars, equipment and machinery

The Obsidian Broker team provides insurance for all types of machinery, equipment and machinery whose failure it would bring significant damage to a company, causing the production process to be interrupted.

Insurance for valuables, including cash in transit

Jewellery workshops and stores understand the benefits of this type of insurance policy, along with museums and art galleries, carriers of valuables, mining companies, financial institutions or workshops for processing metals or precious stones.