Fiscal Warehouse Bond

We support entrepreneurs engaged in the manufacture of excisable products, through flexible policies issued in benefit of the competent authority.

We guarantee, in favour of the requesting authority, the good practices of our clients regarding the proper use of tax warehouses, eliminating the risks regarding the payment of excise duties that may become due. Issued for entrepreneurs, the policy is constituted in benefit of the competent territorial authorities in control of fiscal warehouses, among which the General Directorates of County Public Finances or the Regional Customs Directorates.

This type of policy is mandatory for the registration and operation of a tax warehouse, the only space in which manufacture, holding or processing is permitted in the suspension regime of excisable products.

This type of guarantee must be issued, in accordance with the law, by a banking company registered in the Union And the European Economic Area or by an insurance company authorised to operate in Romania.

The insurance policies are an optimal guarantee option, which protects the financial freedom of a company, preventing the blocking of funds through the classic version of the bank guarantee letter or by setting up a cash deposit.


  • This avoids working capital blockage
  • Specialised advice during the contract
  • Issuance of the guarantee quickly and efficiently
  • Issuance of the guarantee both irrevocably and unconditionally and conditionally
  • Reduces the risks for the insured, provided that the payment is conditional on proof of non-fulfilment of a contractual obligation

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