Insurance of irrigation installations and equipment

In an area of ​​activity so dependent on weather conditions, investments in irrigation and their protection are absolute imperatives for any farmer. Infrastructure investments of irrigation can be protected by special insurance policies. Climate risks cause the largest losses to agricultural producers in Romania, a country with arid areas, many of them sensitive to the phenomenon of desertification. Considered a priority and strategic at national level, investments in the irrigation system mitigates the impact of catastrophic scenarios for agriculture. Vulnerabilities related to the correct operation of the installations can be ensured by a specialised company.

Drought can cause significant damage to crops and their effects become uncontrollable in the event of a failure of the irrigation system. Climate change reported in In recent years, both in Europe and in Romania, is increasing the pressure on farmers, who must ensure that they have high-performance irrigation equipment for the dry season.

Insurance for this type of installation becomes, in this context, vital. Obsidian Broker provides insurance coverage for equipment and installations used for irrigation, in the eventuality of any damage, unforeseen or accidental damage, incidents which can lead to crop being compromise. This policy insurers the equipment and machinery used in irrigation, complex and sometimes very expensive gears. An unforeseen event at the irrigation system could affect both the company's cash flow and the production process.

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