Other insurance categories

Obsidian Broker holds in its portfolio all types of insurance policies addressed to companies, from special insurance for banks and financial institutions and extended guarantees, to policies that take risks in the case of cyber incidents or data protection.

Bankers' Blanket Bond (Insurance for Banks and Financial Institutions)

Configured with the advice of Obsidian Broker experts, this type of insurance covers the direct risks as a result of financial losses from forgery, cyber fraud, physical loss or alteration of documents, counterfeiting of payment instruments or money, extortion or other criminal offences which they would could commit employees.

Error and Omission Insurance

Insurance agencies or financial consulting experts, along with accountants or professionals from IT&C, are using this insurance policy to protect against possible professional risks.

Extended warranty insurance

Producers and users in highly competitive industries, in particular, are interested in the benefits of this policy, for which a longer warranty offers a significant advantage over competitors.

Insurance of cyber risks

The benefits of innovative technologies are compounded by the risks involved to which any organisation remains vulnerable.

Insurance for data protection non-compliance

Personal data has become a new asset class, invaluable to companies in permanent development. At the same time, the regulation of the field is more and more strict, with special provisions for storage and processing and huge fines in case of non-compliance or security incidents.

Crime Insurance

In addition to proactive fraud management strategies, which involve fraudulent procedures detection and assessment of an organization's vulnerabilities, managing authorities can transfer this type of risks to an insurance company.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Obsidian Broker has a consistent insurance portfolio for abductions, redemption, extortion and other types of crisis situations, such as cyber extortion, seizure illicit products, embezzlement, unlawful deprivation of liberty, threat, disappearance, hostage crisis, child abduction, aggression and violence at work.

Drone insurance

Companies that do professional filming, crop monitoring or land inspection impracticable - in the series of operations that can be facilitated or performed with this type of device - can opt to insure equipment through Obsidian Broker policies.