Trade Credit Insurance

The reputation, probity and good practices of business partners represent the optimal premises of commercial contracts. During the development of a company, credit management becomes more and more essential to its financial balance.

Even the most serious of your suppliers can go through difficult situations, which can lead to overdue deadlines and sometimes unpaid bills. The periods of economic crisis, defined by the multiplication of insolvency cases, further potentiate the general risks on markets in permanent reconfiguration.

New projects are also unpredictable. Once the offer was accepted and the tender was won, a contractor may ask if all payments will be made in due time and according to the issued invoices. Even in the case of large organisations, with sound sales history, there is a significant risk of non-payment.

This unease could be transferred to an insurance company through a trade credit insurance policy.
The trade credit insurance in the Obsidian Broker portfolio provides protection in case of prolonged non-payment of invoices, covering the risks also in the increasingly frequent situations in which customers go into insolvency or voluntary insolvency. The protection mechanism of this type of policy ensures the collection of invoices, balancing those periods of uncertainty in which including the client with the best reputation could create tensions.
A team with experience in the field of trade credit insurance will provide advice at the end of this policy, correctly assessing the risks you are exposed to.

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