Travel Cancellation Insurance

Unforeseen events most often occur shortly before traveling, where cancellation costs are often very high, up to 85-100% of the total amount paid. However, these risks can be taken over by an insurance company. Our partners' program remains flexible and may be reconfigured according to your own priorities, without material damage or other types of losses that could occur in the event of incidents that force them to change plans.

This insurance product (Storno) is a complex package with a multitude of possible insured events that will provide coverage both in case of cancellation and in case of interruption of the trip. The situations of illness, accident, tragic death of relatives or unexpected life events - all kinds of incidents that can change plans travel of a person or group of persons may be listed in the clauses of this type of policy. The policy covers risks for touristic service packages that may contain transport, accommodation and other services.

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