Aviation liability insurance

The first aviation insurance contract was a civil liability one, signed in 1912 in England, at Lloyd’s of London. Since then, aviation has developed, planes have become safer, and the number of passengers has increased, according to estimates by the International Air Transport Association, two billion annually in 2005, and over four billion in 2017.

In these circumstances, international control bodies have permanently raised security standards, including the liability obligations of companies involved in this industry. The Montreal Convention from provides unlimited liability for the death or injury of transport passengers air. Under this Convention, the air operator must be insured and maintained in terms of validity of the appropriate insurance contracts to cover liability in the event of accidents, in particular to passengers, luggage and goods. Romanian legislation also obliges the administrator of a civil aerodrome open to public use to hold an insurance contract that will cover the damages to all those using airport infrastructure.

Obsidian Broker experts offer advice for concluding this type of policy, which ensures both employees, partners or other persons on the ground, as well as their passengers and luggage. These products are intended for all potential beneficiaries, from Airports, to the Administration of Air Traffic Control or aviation service providers. In accordance with international treaties which regulates navigation and aviation safety, the insurance products issued by Obsidian Broker cover third party liability of transport operators, airports, and civil liability of airport service providers.

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