Employee accident insurance

The insurance products offered by Obsidian Broker complete the portfolio of solutions for accident prevention at work. Employees, either those in office buildings or those working in special conditions, in hazardous environments or in isolation, are especially monitored for their security.

In accordance with the legislative requirements on employee safety, the insurance solutions developed by Obsidian Broker advisors have advantageous prices and cover all associated risks arising from the professional activity considering the needs and the financial plan of a company.

Despite the strict compliancy with the labor protection measures and their implementation according to the legal provisions, in the jurisprudence there are a lot of unfortunate situations of people suffering panic attacks, stroke or heart-attack or who have been involved in various work accidents. The liability of the employer, in such cases, is significant and the costs involved are, in most cases, important.

Insurance policies dedicated to this sector are flexible, starting with basic risk insurance - permanent disability and death. Depending on their own budget and plans, the employer can opt for a series of additional coverages, from the daily hospital allowance, to medical incidents that may occur during the working hours such as: operations, fractures, burns and other serious injuries.

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