Insurance for Architects and design engineers

As an architect or designer, you want to combine art with science, so that your vision of at the request of a customer to become a tangible reality. In fact, etymologically and in a broad sense, the architect is the person who translates human needs into reality, through construction.

In the field, however, a number of safety measures are needed, including risk management the legal exposure that each of the projects brings.

In the case of professions with high standards of execution, occupational risks are transferred to entirely of an insurance company, so that the competence and work of these specialists would not be questioned.

Professional indemnity insurance for architects, engineers and builders provides financial protection if a client claims compensation for damages suffered as a result of non-compliance or improper performance due to negligence, recklessness or omission, of the obligations existing in relation to the status of the profession and assumed by the service contract services completed.

This type of insurance is mandatory, required by law or by professional organizations or associations in order to obtain or renew the teaching license. According to law 10/1995, an architect has the obligation to conclude a professional liability insurance with validity during the exercise of the right of practice.

This type of insurance also covers:
  • Costs
  • Costs resulting from civil proceedings
  • Costs to replace damaged or lost documents
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