Insurance for raising poultry

Aligning the objectives of the intensive demands of the food industry, poultry farms are testing the latest technologies to increase their efficiency, but remain extremely vulnerable to unforeseen risks, from accidents to bad weather or epizootic. Partner of large processors, but also of small farms, Obsidian Broker offers insurance solutions to protect investments in the case the disastrous scenarios facing poultry farms, from heat stress to disease and accidents, interruptions to vital systems or electricity and equipment failures.

A poultry farm is being built with substantial investment, and incidents in this sector are rampant disastrous and can compromise the results of many years of work. Aware of this danger, entrepreneurs develop risk control and transfer strategies in the face of the multitude of threats they face in this area. Herds of poultry on poultry farms, healthy and maintained according to agrotechnical requirements, they can be insured against accidents, natural disasters, diseases or theft.

Poultry farms are compensated if the flocks of birds die as a result of diseases or natural disasters, from hail and lightning to landslides or floods. Also covered are the risks of accidents, such as the collapse of halls or fires, explosion, suffocation, damage accidental damage to air conditioning systems or drug poisoning by the authorities. Other unforeseen situations can come under the cover of the insurance policy: animals attack, wildfires, road accidents or vandalism, terrorism, strikes and civil unrest. For the benefit of farmers, the state subsidises percentages of the insurance premium. An additional risk covered by insurance policies, but usually unsubsidised, is theft.

Birds with avian influenza are not included in the list of agricultural insurance in in this case the compensations being granted by the state, in accordance with the international law of epizootic.

The insurance premiums vary depending on the bird breeds or the frequency with which they occur the phenomena provided in the geographical area in which the farm was built. The insured amount remains at the choice of the farmer, which may coincide with the estimated level of direct production costs, with the level estimated value of production or with an intermediate value.
Issued according to species groups and quality classes, the insurances from the Obsidian Broker portfolio covers all types of general risks, diseases, weather or accidents, and covers all types of livestock, including birds, bee families and fish farms. For the benefit of farmers, the state subsidises percentages of the insurance premium.

  • The state subsidises the insurance premium for legal entities holding agricultural crops, perennial plantations, domestic animals or birds.
  • Flexibility in selecting the insured risks.
  • Possibility to pay in instalments the insurance premium.
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