Liability insurance for directors or board members, directorates or supervisory boards (D&O)

We support the high degree of responsibility of managers, who face fierce competition in a constantly changing environment, managing all kinds of unforeseen situations such as increases in capital and IPO listing, changes in shareholders or regulatory controls.

As a Partner of companies investing heavily in development, Obsidian Broker offers an important portfolio of insurance to increase corporate governance, a process that involves multiplication associated risks and taking on multiple responsibilities for their management. In this context, D&O insurance has become an important part of a company's risk management plans companies, public, private or non-profit, whether it is issued independently or under programs international insurance required by companies with global subsidiaries.

Managerii pot face greșeli, sub presiunea atribuțiilor și a unui mediu economic în continuă schimbare. Polițele de asigurare D&O oferă acoperire de răspundere profesională pentru administratorii unei companii, preluând riscurile cu privire la eventuale acuzații care pot rezulta din deciziile și acțiunile luate în exercitarea atribuțiilor lor.

Common risk scenarios covered by this policy include non-compliance or legislation in the field of activity or errors in the evaluation and presentation of reports. The common exclusions features include fraud, intentional non-compliance or material damage. This type of insurance policy covers the personal liability of the company's administrators, guaranteeing the reimbursement of amounts paid to a third party as a result of their errors.

The Obsidian Broker team will provide you with specialised advice and answers to questions related to this type of policy: How much is enough? What and who is covered - and who is not covered? Should Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) purchase D&O? What does the typical program look like? How risk management provide protection to executives from the many dangers they face in today's business environment?

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