Shipowners’ liability insurance, P&I (Protection & Indemnity) type

One of the elements of Community maritime transport policy is quality improvement of the merchant navy through greater accountability of all economic operators and, in consequence, through additional requirements in the activity of shipowners.

This type of policy it optionally insures sea, river and other boats, installations and floating equipment assimilated to ships, for P&I type risks. P&I policies shall cover the liabilities, costs and expenses incurred by shipowners and operators when operating the insured ships:
  • accidents, illnesses and deaths of crew members or other third parties for which the Insured becomes legally responsible;
  • loss or damage to the personal effects of seafarers and other persons on board;
  • collision with other ships;
  • pollution;
  • loss, damage or omission in connection with the cargo carried by the insured vessel;
  • fines related to the insured ship

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